Retro Brochures: Five Versions of the 1969 Mustang

Pictures: Retronaut

It’s interesting to look back at advertising from back in the day, especially retro ads of our favorite American car. The ads of course didn’t start until 1964 since that’s when the car was first introduced. However, the pony car became popular and there are now almost fifty years of advertising.

Here’s a look at some of the brochures advertising the then brand new 1969 Ford Mustang, all five new versions. These versions consist of a new SportsRoof, the Mach 1, the Grande Hardtop, a new convertible, and a new hardtop. For the 1969 hard top, they are advertising the tilt-wheel steering, and offering manual transmission for “more convenience”. Let’s not forget seven different engines to choose from for that particular year from the 4.1 six cylinder up to the Cobra Jet 4V 428.

The SportsRoof has been introduced for 1969.

Pictures: 1969 Mustang SportsRoof

The Mach 1 was first introduced in this year as well with five new V8’s to choose from. Two 351 motors were available for the Mach 1, one with a 2-barrel carb and the other with a 4-barrel carb. Also the monstrous 428 4V Cobra Jet Ram Air was available. Dual exhaust came with the four larger engines as well as competition shocks, springs, and a stabilizer bar and a few other goodies.

Pictures: 1969 Mach 1

Here is a brochure for the original Mustang hardtop. As the brochure says, it has been invented and better than ever with the tilt steering, the manual transmission, and new look. It also has a few other goodies in store as well.

Pictures: 1969 Mustang Hardtop

The Mustang Grande radiates elegance and according to the brochure, it’s a car for uncommon luxury. It has wire-spoke wheels, racing mirrors, built-in courtesy lights on the door, trimmed vinyl and two tone accents. It was offered in the 4.1 six cylinder or the 302 V8 and available in 3-speed manual and automatic. It also has a top that looks like real leather available in two colors.

1969 Grande Mustang

The 1969 Convertible was quite a hit with those showing off their brand new ‘Stangs. Either manually put the 5-ply top down and cruise, or opt for the automatic top. Available in eight engines, cruising was never better than this back then. Also, check out the options available for the brand new 1969 Mustang!

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