Ridetech Building What Might Be The Ultimate ’67 Chevelle: Part Two


Custom touches like the front bumper and hood hinges are visible, while we’re sure there is more that is not so visible.

Back in August of 2017, we showed you the early stages of a really cool car being built by the folks at Ridetech – Sharon Voelkel’s 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle. You can see that initial article right here.

We just got an update, and the guys at Ridetech tell us the project is progressing at a conservative pace, but progressing nonetheless. This isn’t a basic restoration, and the Chevelle features countless hand-fabricated touches that cover every inch of the A-body.


The update we were given, shows the progress made to the front fenders and front bumper in particular. At a quick glance, the front bumper looks like it could be carved from a solid block of steel. However, it is a hand-sculpted work of art made from sheetmetal that gives the Chevelle a modern appearance. We’re also told more work is being done at the front of the car. For example, the filler panel between the grille and the bumper is on deck for modification, as is the way the radiator mounts.


The Chevelle’s front bumper is an exercise in tenacity. Not shown, is the hand-fabricated front spoiler. Look for more on that piece later.

If you recall, the Chevelle will be powered by a 525hp Chevrolet Performance crate LS1 with a very Ferrari looking cross ram intake and dual throttle bodies. Behind that will be a Bowler-built 4L60E automatic transmission. So, a stock-style exhaust system is not an option.

Underneath, the Chevelle’s exhaust system has been hand-fabricated from the header collectors all the way to the tailpipes. A pair of Borla stainless steel mufflers and flex joints will ease connection and keep the sound mellow. There is a little more work to do on the exhaust system, but as this update shows, progress is continual.

If you would like to see more on this car, you can follow along with all updates by going to the Ridetech website or clicking here.

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