With all of the power that today’s performance vehicles offer their buyers, it’s amazing to think how much potential is still hidden away, waiting to be discovered. Sure, there are ways of increasing the output of horsepower and torque by adding the usual bolt-ons, such as an intake and exhaust upgrade.

However, little do some enthusiasts know that there is quite a lot left on the table just by hacking into the car’s onboard computer. With all of the concerns of strict insurance and emissions regulations, the vehicle is restricted by electronic nannies and hampered performance from the manufacturer.

This is why SCT has created the iTSX System for your 1996-2012 Ford (diesel & gas) and 2007+ GM vehicles. They’ve designed a way around all of this 21st Century political correctness by giving you the owner the ability to fine-tune your vehicles performance.

The iTSX offers its users the ability to increase performance, while improving fuel economy. Performance calculators are also included.

Not just in terms of more horsepower and torque, but by improving its throttle response, providing firmer shifts, and increasing fuel economy –and that’s always a good thing in the days of fuel prices pushing the $5/gallon mark.

What sets the iTSX unit apart from all of the other hand-held tuners you may have seen on the market, SCT has designed these with a wireless controller. Not just with any controller, but you control the settings with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. So there’s no worry of having to get comfortable with a bulky, unfamiliar tuner you have to spend time just trying to figure out how to use.

The feature we like the most is that the owner has the ability to test their cars 0-60, 1/8th-mile, and ¼-mile capabilities using the performance calculators included in the system. There’s even top speed and 60-0 braking performance test settings.

The kit installs in less than 15 minutes, stores up to 10 custom code files, and allows you access to read and clear any diagnostic codes. So if you’re a late-model Ford or GM owner looking for increased performance and economy, then you need to look into the iTSX by SCT.