SEMA 2013: Viking Performance’s Berserker ASM Lays Down A Warpath

IMG_1839When it comes to leading the industry with aggressive new products Viking is pillaging and plundering the market. We checked out their booth swathed in royal purple and white magnificence and got some information on their Berserker ASM system which took SEMA’s 2014 Best Engineered New Product award. Read on for further details.

The system fits a variety of muscle cars and hot rods so if you’re looking to deck out your project with a suspension system that can take a hit and endure the ruthlessness of the road, rest assured that Viking Performance has got the fit for you. Universal lengths and mounts are also available making the applications practically limitless.IMG_1828

“Depending on the application, the valves are either remote-mounted for clearance around chassis and suspension components, or piggybacked onto the shock body.” Each shock maintains its own controller and includes a master controller as well. Here are a few highlights about this award winning product:

  • The active shock management (ASM) allows for self-adjusting up to 1,000 times per second.IMG_1831
  • Viking Berserker ASM is a patented smart suspension management system and is the only aftermarket active shock system.
  • Shock valving automatically adapts to driving style, road/track conditions, and more.
  • Utilizes hydraulic shocks with computer-controlled, electrically actuated valving
  • Data acquired by the Berserker ASM can be downloaded by the user for further analysis. 
  • Fully automatic or may be tuned by the user for type of racing and track conditions
  • An optional upgrade allows advanced unlimited tuning, as well as suspension data acquisition for drag racing, autocross, road racing, or other applications via a laptop plug in or a soon to be released smart phone app.
  • Built in bump stop to prevent the shocks from topping or bottoming out Automatically adjusts to absorb potholes, speed bumps, rough terrain, wheel stands, and so on.

Viking Performance also showcased several other new products but this one caught our eye and we had to get it out to the public to check out. Aside from the ASM they also showcased progressive valved shocks which are double adjustable with over 22 positions of independent compression and rebound adjustment as well as smooth body shocks for lowered vehicles which are engineered specifically for cars lowered 1 1/2-inches or more.

Check out Viking Performance for more details and information on their new product releases and full range of offerings.IMG_1836

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