SEMA 2013: CPP Rolls Out Truck Chassis, Gets Back To Their Roots

IMG_0655When you expand your product line to cover so many vehicles and applications, it’s sometimes difficult to remember where it all started, but Classic Performance Products President, Jim Reiss, says that’s exactly why they went back to their roots. They have been producing and selling components to improve the steering, brakes and suspension on classic cars and trucks, and this year at SEMA they brought along their display chassis directly from their showroom.

IMG_0662Ron Duncan, of Marketing and New Product Development, told us, “We brought this chassis here to show people where many of our products work, and how they fit on these chassis. This frame doesn’t get a body, so we made it so that people could see our products installed, instead of showing them a part on the shelf, or on a hook.”

The entire chassis, as well as their booth display, is filled with products that step things up a notch in the performance area. From small items, like the support for the front shock absorber where the bolt sometimes sheers off the frame, to the rear suspension links that help keep this truck stable and make it handle better, these components are all designed and developed to take what the factory produced, and bring it into modern handling and driveability characteristics.

Duncan also showed us their steering boxes, which are smaller, lighter and give a more modern feel to the steering, especially good for those who use their vehicles for more than just getting groceries or taking in a slow cruise. If you’re doing an engine swap, the one thing that hinders many is that the mounts sometimes need to be modified. Not anymore, their LS engine adapter brackets are adjustable from 1/2-inch back up to 3-inches forward to help facilitate that LS engine swap.

Their parts and accessories are too numerous to list, but include drop spindles, sway bars, disc brake conversions, and much more that you can find if you take a visit to their web site. They brought a lot of it out to SEMA, but if you’re ever in Placentia, California, you can also stop by for a visit because they brought it all back to the showroom.


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