JET Performance introduced an all new programmer and monitor at the 2013 SEMA show. This touchscreen controller will be available in the first quarter of 2014, and is compatible with Ford, GM, and MOPAR vehicles 1996 and later with OBDII control systems.

The new tuner is known as the Specialized Tuning Device. It is capable of displaying any of the standard OBDII information PIDS, speed, RPM, temperature readings, and more can all be displayed.

The Specialized Tuning Device is compatible with air intake and throttle body systems, and comes pre-loaded with tunes for three fuel octane levels, so users can choose the tune that best fits the fuel they prefer to run in their vehicle.

More Flow

JET also introduced their new line of POWR-FLO throttle bodies for GM applications. These throttle bodies offer increased air-flow, and according to Jet’s Jess Pranskus will add around 6 hp to the wheels on many GM V8 applications.

OEM style drive by wire throttle electronics ensure that the throttle body is a direct bolt-on, requiring no transfer of electronics, and no additional calibration. Pranskus says “You can put this throttle body on a completely stock vehicle with no additional modifications.”

Channels going into the throttle body create smoother air velocity and better turbulence going into the intake according to Pranskus. These GM throttle bodies will start shipping in January of 2014, with applications for Ford and Mopar becoming available sometime later in the year.