SEMA 2013: OPG Showcases New Caddy Bezels And Personal SEMA Build

IMG_1670Original Parts Group Incorporated specializes in over 75,000 classic GM restoration parts and high performance accessories. This year they were proud to showcase their run of ’59-’70 Cadillac bezels, side mirrors, and badges.

All bezels are die cast and chrome plated. Along with their other products are original reproductions of parts made exactly as they came off the line. So if you’re looking for that oe look authentic to the car your building check out OPG for a laundry list of parts.

IMG_1682They have over 100,000 square feet of warehouse space catering to years and models such as:

  • 1964-’77 Chevelles
  • 1978-’83 Malibus
  • 1964-’88 El Caminos
  • 1954-’76 Cadillacs
  • 1961-’71 Tempests
  • 1959-76 Bonnevilles
  • 1961-’72  Skylarks
  • 1963-’76 Rivieras
  • And much more

There were two cars on display at OPG’s booth this year – a 1968 Buick GS 350 and a 1966 Chevelle SS 396.IMG_1668

The ’66 was OPG’s very first personal SEMA build so we had to include it in their booth spotlight. The Chevelle recieved the 2007 SEMA design award for best restored GM vehicle. No argument there, this classic caught our eye from the moment we stepped in the booth.

IMG_1693Some quick features about it – under the hood is a 396ci pushing 375 hp. The transmission is a 200R4. Interior features include updated A/C, power windows, bucket seats, and a center console. The outside showcases OPG’s very own trim and bezel work, from the windshield frame to the badges. To top it off, Artesian turquoise was used to give the Chevelle that icy-clean look. It perfectly compliments the 2-tone turquoise interior. A definite beauty and sure-fire classic.

Check out Original Parts Group’s website for an impressive list of reproduction parts and get that restoration project the authentic look that it deserves.IMG_1698

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