Sinking Deeper: First Generation Camaro Z/28 Is In Grave Danger

Camaro Z28 sinkhole

This first generation Camaro Z/28 is in grave danger, it’s being sucked into the Earth as it’s trapped in a sink hole. Jeff has watched this 302 badged Z/28 descend closer to hell for the last 15 years.

Camaro Z28 sinkhole rear

According to Jeff the car appears to be a 4-Speed with a console. However, no motor or transmission currently sits inside of the car.

Jeff went on to state that all of the interior is there and the body is in surprisingly good condition despite spending the last 15 years outside in the humid and snowy upstate New York climate.

Perhaps the owner was planning on rescuing the Z/28 from it’s muddy prison as a pipe style chain fall is attached to the front of the car.

Jeff plans to stop by and ask the owner if he is interested in selling this car. Even though Jeff is a diehard Mopar fan he is willing to take one for the team to save this Camaro.

There are few first gens much less first gen Z/28’s still on the road and if something isn’t done soon this one will succumb to the elements and be gone forever. This means saving this car has become Jeff’s pilgrimage. Regardless of what your preference is, it’s hard to see a car like this Z/28 sink deeper and deeper into the abyss. How many times a day would you pester the owner for the keys?

Jeff we salute you for taking one for the team to save this Camaro.

Jeff we salute you for taking one for the team to save this Camaro.

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