For those looking to increase the handling of their classic Corvette (C2 and C3), then Speed Direct might have the perfect option or options for you. Thanks to their Shark Bite and Steeroids combination, classic Corvettes can have the handling and road manners only found in new cars or track prepped vehicles. Speed Direct’s Shark Bite products offer C2 and C3 owners the chance to upgrade to front and rear coil overs.

The benefits of coil over conversions have been documented for years, but these conversions have usually required some serious modifications during installation. Thanks to engineering behind the Speed Direct Shark Bites, these parts can be installed without any craziness or pro-level fabrication skills. In the installation video, the hosts explain that the Shark Bite coil over kit can be installed using less than a dozen bolts.

Photo Courtesy of Speed Direct

Aside from the ease of installation of the Shark Bite and Steeroid products, these parts designed to be durable enough for street use as well as having a bit of fun while destroying a set tires. The initial costs of converting your classic to modern era handling may seem daunting, but when the products can make your classic safer through increased handling, it becomes money well spent.

Depending on the demands placed on your classic, Speed Direct offers a variety of “stage” kits that feature components designed to achieve your goals. As described in the video, all of these kits are “bolt on,” which means no welding or other form of butchery to chassis. For more information on the Shark Bite kits or Steeroids products for C2 and C3 Corvettes, take a few minutes to checkout