As reported by Jalopnik, the television show “Car Warriors” – produced by Speed TV – is a show that challenges a group of hand picked professionals that Speed picks, against a group of outsiders for a 72 hour build up of a junker. In this case it was Rick Sheley of SJK Customs that would challenge the Speed TV team of professionals in a build off of two custom 1979 Cadillacs.

The deal was that both teams were to share the same garage space and they had 72 hours to complete the build of the two cars and at the end of the allotted time a team of three judges, one of them being the famous car customizer George Barris, would decide the winner of the competition.

In a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court last month, Sheley claims the show broke all of its own rules after it became clear his team’s car would beat the All Stars, saying the All Stars threatened to quit the series if they weren’t declared the winners over SKJ. Also the cars weren’t judged on the criteria of rules that the show had originally laid out.

Both cars were supposed to compete in a 0-to-60mph run, a slalom test, and braking. Sheley’s team members secretly followed the Speed TV crews during the final judging and saw that Speed’s crew couldn’t start their car on a couple occasions and had it worked on by other mechanics which should have disqualified the Speed TV crew build.

Being subject of a reality show, Sheley and his crew found out that these episodes don’t always seek the truth but they are political and focus on the shows best interest like ratings. Before the actual court date both sides were able to come to a mutually agreeable decision that satisfied both Sheley and the Speed TV network.