Stage 8 Fasteners’ Updated Website Is Locking Fastener Central


SInce 1985, Stage 8 Fasteners has been the go-to company to keep bolts tight.

If there is one thing that causes a lot of aggravation for car owners, it’s the problem of bolts coming loose. If you think we’re exaggerating, think header bolts. Sometimes you can tighten a fastener to within an inch of its life, and then somehow, it inevitably comes loose. That is, unless you are using Stage 8 Locking Fasteners. Whether it be a header or header-collector fastener – or any fastener for that matter, if you need it to remain tight, Stage 8 can make that happen.

The way they work is simple, and they are just as easy to install as a typical fastener. But the locking mechanism makes them so much better. Stage 8 started supplying their locking fasteners back in 1985, and since then, has esrned the reputation of being the go-to place for the purpose of keeping things from coming loose. The place to find out more about the products is their website, and speaking of that, they have a surprise in store for all of us.

HOme page

The new website is full of information like where to get your fasteners.

In their continued dedication to supply dealers and customers with the utmost-best user experience possible, they have just launched a newly-updated website. This gathering of all things locking fasteners delivers all the information you could need about the product, and a great way to find a dealer close to you.  We’re told that the all new website will better serve both industrial and recreational customers in the coming years.

“It’s important that our online presence reflect our product’s benchmark values of simplicity and reliability,” states Bruce Bennett, founder and CEO. “And, we are excited to launch our new website that is worthy of the world’s best locking fasteners. which have been produced here in America for more than 30 years.”

The all-new website is ever evolving, and will continue to deliver information about new releases of innovative new products from the company, and is also designed to cohesively exist with the ever-changing online landscape. Is social media important to you? The integration of Stage 8’s social media presence will allow customers to easily find the right solution for their specific application.Header

For 31 years, Stage 8 Locking Fasteners has been building some of the world’s-best locking fasteners for automotive, industrial, railroad, and even military use since those humble beginnings way back in 1985. Since then, Stage 8 has continuously delivered measurable increases in equipment reliability and safety, but also dramatic reductions in maintenance costs and equipment failures. Imagine not having a header bolt come loose and allowing the gasket to burn out.


If you’re tired of constantly checking your bolts, now would be the perfect time to check out Stage 8’s newly-updated website, and find out exactly how they can help keep any and all of your fasteners from coming loose.

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