Picture: Watch-ID

Some material items are worth more than a pretty penny, especially if those certain items were featured on the big screen worn by a famous actor, musician, etc. These movie or concert props are worth a fortune to those who idolize the famous people who had worn them. For us car and ‘Stang enthusiasts, there are a few things that may be worth some big bucks us.

One of the most recent items sold at a film memorabilia auction was a watch worn by Steve McQueen. Not only did the watch sell, but it sold for a ridiculous $800k…well, $799,500. The wrist watch was designed by Heuer and made famous by the actor in the 1971 action film, Le Mans. Not only did the watch bring in some bank, but a U.S. passport signed by McQueen brought in a crazy $46,125.

Some other items that were included in the auction included a miniature drop-ship from the film, Aliens, that went for $225k, the wire-rim glasses worn by Groucho Marx in A Night at the Opera sold for $86,100 and we must mention that Vivien Leigh’s hat that she wore in Gone with the Wind went for an impressive $67,650. Somebody also paid almost $100k, well $98,400, for Marlon Brando’s assassination jacket from The Godfather as well as the ’71 film script signed by Brando at $55k. There are big bucks in film memorabilia and some people have the money to actually buy such props.

Would you pay almost $800k for a watch worn by the famous Steve McQueen?