Stimulate The Economy By Buying Obama’s Chrysler 300C for $1M

We see some pretty crazy things pop up on eBay every once in awhile. While this latest crazy eBay find featured on MSNBC’s Bottom Line isn’t quite that crazy, the asking price does put it over the top. You can now own the Chrysler 300C that was once leased by President Barack Obama. The asking price? One Million Dollars!

Yes, you read that right. Seller Tim O’Boyle is actually trying to auction a ‘05 Chrysler 300C that was once used by Barack Obama for $1 million out of Naperville, Chicago.

Backing O’Boyle’s claim that the car was once used by Obama is a copy of the title that was signed back over to the leasing dealership when the car was traded back in.

For some collector or history buff, this might be worth the crazy price tag, but we’re not so convinced the 300C is worth that. Especially since a ‘00 Jeep Grand Cherokee once owned by Obama sold for just $26,000 in the past.

Aside from the car being once used by Obama, the Chrysler is nothing special; a plane-Jane 300C with a HEMI V8 under the hood and an automatic transmission. The car does have low miles, 20,800 to be exact.

So why is O’Boyle dead set that this car is worth $1 million? Well, O’Boyle is banking on its historical relevance. In his eBay lot, he includes all kinds of high prices that were paid for vehicles from famous historical figures.

Among them is Pope John Paul II’s ‘75 Ford Escort GL that sold for $690,000, Adolf Hitler’s Mercedes convertible that sold for $8 million and President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadineja’s Peugeot that sold for $845,550 on an eBay-type auction site.

Barack’s Chrysler was put up for auction a couple years ago but due to scammers racking up the bid to over $100 million, the lot was shut down by eBay. Thinking that the upcoming election might help his case, O’Boyle put the car back up for sale to no avail, reaching his January 25th expiration date without any bites. But that hasn’t stopped O’Boyle. The car is once again up on eBay waiting for someone to take it home by tomorrow evening. We will see if anyone is crazy enough about this car and its history to give O’Boyle his asking price.


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