Stolen ’34 Ford Hot Rod Recovered Unharmed!

Today we bring you a story about a stolen ’34 Ford hot rod, but this one will leave you believing that there still is a little justice in this world after all. The Garden Grove, California police department, along with the help of the Orange County Auto Theft Task Force, found and recovered the ’34 Ford you see pictured here and it was completely unharmed. It had been stolen from in front of the owners house on a Saturday by some gutsy thieves that simply hooked up to the enclosed trailer it was in and towed it away. They apparently knew exactly what was in the trailer.  When car owner Robert Slovick woke up Sunday morning the car and trailer were gone.

The police found the car when doing a follow up visit to a body shop that was only a few miles from Slovick’s house and found the car, in all places, under a pile of old sheets and blankets. Apparently the thieves “hiding” skills had not been improved since they had learned them as 5-year-olds when cleaning their rooms. The body shop owner was arrested for possession of stolen property and the investigation is ongoing.

We can only imagine that Slovick was utterly relieved to get the car back as he claims it is worth $250,000 and that he had put $75,000 of his own cash into the car during a recent restoration. Score one for the good guys.

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Robert Kibbe is the owner of and host of the weekly Muscle Car Place podcast show. He's based in Ames, IA, is married with 3 kids, and still thinks the General Lee is cool.
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