Street Feature: A Custom Falcon With Looks To Kill

This ’60 Ford Falcon is a little different from what we usually see out at a show. It’s an interesting combination of custom and stock and there is still a lot to be done before it’s finished. The bare-metal body and exposed repair work caught our eye as it drove into the show and we knew we were going to have to find out more about this badass ride.

The '60 Falcon is a perfect car for this kind of build. The body is the right shape for a bomber look and the stock instrument cluster already has cross-hairs built into the gauges!

This car belongs to Darrel Womac of Scio, Oregon, and he’s had it for about a year now. “It was just in primer when I got it,” Darrel explained. “This is something that just came out of my head. I wanted to do something different.” We think he definitely achieved that goal. It’s bare metal with some style enhancements in the form of exposed repair work and rivets.

This look may not be for everyone, but it’s refreshing to see a unique build like this out and at shows. If every car were built the same, what would be the point in even having a car show?

To achieve the look, Darrell spent a week on this car with a palm sander to bring it down to bare metal. He actually had already purchased the paint to finish it in a more traditional way, but he and his wife took a trip down to Las Vegas and met Steve Darnell of Vegas Rat Rods. After meeting him and seeing some of what they do, he knew he was going to build some kind of rat.

You'll notice that the body is actually extremely straight. Since it's bare metal, any significant dings or dents would stand out, but the original sheet metal is mostly dent and ding free! One quarter was replaced, but that was done long before Darrel got the car.

He is going for more of a bomber look with this, and the ’60 Falcon is the perfect body style for that. It’s already got the round-topped front fenders, sloped rear quarters and trunk, and big rounded taillights that naturally give it that aviation kind of look anyway. The bare metal and riveted look just complete the styling.

“I’m going to take the back seat out and put a bomb in for an air-ride tank,” he explained. “I wanted to build a kind of rat rod on a budget, and this is it.” This turned out great, especially for it being his first build. “I will definitely do more though.”

The drivetrain on this is about as stock as it gets: a Ford straight-six engine and Ford-O-Matic 2-speed automatic transmission. Little has been done to alter the drivetrain at this point, but we’ll keep an eye out for Darrel at the show next year to see what other changes come about along with the air-ride and enhanced bomber look. Either way, we think he’s done something cool and he definitely has a unique car to be proud of.

We love seeing custom rides like this. They’re part of what make this such a great hobby—no two cars are every exactly alike. What do you think about Darrel’s Falcon? Would you do things any different? Do you have a great car for cruising that you think would make a good Street Feature? If so, send us an email with a couple pictures and some details and we’d love to consider it.

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