These early body style custom hotrod builds are always fun to see, especially when they are as clean as this one. It’s owned by Tim Burrell of Covington, Washington, and he’s only had it on the road for a couple months. “I’ve had it for six-years,” Tim explained “and it took six-years to build.”

Although it looked pretty clean from the outside, there was a lot of rust hidden beneath the paint. It took a lot of work for Tim to get this car going again, and even more work to make it as clean as you see it today.

What started as a severely rusted project is now a rust-free, award winning car. It’s no longer being dragged down by the antiquated drivetrain and instead features a small-block 400 cubic-inch Chevrolet engine fueled by an Edelbrock carburetor, turbo-400 automatic transmission, and a 10-bolt positraction rearend. He has also upgraded the interior to feature a compliment of new, Auto-Meter gauges, custom swivel seats with bases out of a conversion van, power windows, and a custom console.

The look under Tim's engine compartment is clean, cool, and well put together. The body color accents look really nice in contrast with the chrome and polished aluminum.

Tim also added the suicide doors along with a special feature to prevent a potentially deadly situation on the highway. “There are pins locking the doors closed so they don’t fly open on the freeway,” he explained. Although it does have function latches, with something like that, a little extra protection is definitely a good idea.

“All of this is just out of my head,” Tim explained. “I kept thinking let’s try something new.” The inspiration for the project was Tim’ motivation to build a cool car out of his Oldsmobile. And while it may look complete, as with every project there is still work to be done. Tim is planning making the hood and the trunk releases electrically.

Straight on, with the hood up and the doors open, this Old looks mean. And we love it.

We love Tim’s car, and we’d love to see more of what you folks are driving out there. If you love it, odds are good that we will too, so shoot us an email with a couple pictures and a little information on your ride, you might just see it here as one of our Street Features.