Superbird given the Hotchkis TVS treatment

John Hotchkis and Hotchkis Sport Suspension are experienced in bringing high quality suspension products for increased stability, improved handling, and maneuverability for old and new cars alike.

Image: Hotchkis Sport Suspension

When you combine Hotchkis suspension components with the restoration talents of Julius Steuer and Restorations by Julius, you’ve got a killer high-speed retro-mobile that’ll make ovals seem old hat . Why ovals? Because this Tor Red 1970 Plymouth Superbird has shed its NASCAR roots and now aspires for Lime Rock!

History was made with NASCAR’s first 200mph car, the Dodge Dayona. The Superbird was Plymouth’s subsequent take on the Daytona formula, but what really made the Superbird cool was that it brought Richard Petty back to the Mopar fold!

This Superbird originally came with the standard 440 Super Commando rated at 375hp, but it will be upgraded to a six barrel. However, it’s the Hotchkis Total Vehicle System (TVS) that really is the notable upgrade.

It’s a kit that contains engineered and tuned components that work together in harmony – TVS eliminates the poor ride quality and disappointing handling that often results from the use of components produced by different manufacturers.

In the case of this Superbird, Julius is implementing the TVS components – the sway bars, leaf springs, sub-frame connectors, and geometry-corrected A-arms and improved caster/camber angles – with an eye for a stock look through anodizing, undercoating, and such.

The result will be a car that will have the Julius restoration touch but will also have much-improved handling characteristics. The fact that this is being done on a Superbird and not just any old Road Runner is all the more remarkable.

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