Ten Ugly Cars That Left Their Mark On Society

How many times have you driven down the road in your bitchin’ car and you see a pile cruise past you and you have to see what the driver looks like? You want to see the driver because you want to know what kind of person would drive a car like that – in public, no less!

But as ugly as many may think they are, there are still some people who loved these ugly cars. And yes, there were even some people who modified and customized them. Let’s take them one by one and see what light can be shed on each of these ‘things’, shall we?

The original list started from a survey in Business Week magazine, and there were some quite disgruntled people who shared their feelings about the car that, it appears, many of the complainants had owned at one time or another.

Starting with number 10 is the Chevy Chevette. While it was not completely ugly compared to some on the list, many people are unaware that the front suspension of the T-body Chevette was similar to that of a later GM vehicle: the Pontiac Fiero. Makes you wonder why the Fiero died off so quick, doesn’t it.

Number 9 Brings us to the car you hate to love, and love to hate: The Ford Edsel. This is a love-hate relationshipif we ever saw one. If they were so damn ugly, why is it that almost everyone recognizes it? And it was popular, for whatever reason. Number 8 is the AMC Matador, a prime example of what you get when a Pacer and a Javelin mate. Friends don’t let friends drive Matadors.

Number 7 is the Corvair, but Ralph Nader aside, it isn’t really an ugly car, it’s just different… the Chevrolet Karman Ghia, if you will. Great for V8 transplants. Number 6 on the list: the AMC Gremlin. If you hold your hand over the back end it doesn’t look so bad. Seeing the whole car makes you wonder why they didn’t finish designing it.

Number 5 brings us to the Chevrolet Vega. This is not an ugly car as much as it was a troublesome car. It’s kind of like that Kardashian girl, not bad to look at but we got sick of all the crap in a hurry. Another nice V8 transplant recipient. Number 4 definitely belongs on the list: the Pontiac Aztec, or what you get when an Avalanche and a 1987 Grand Am mate. Not pretty.

Number 3 is the Ford Pinto, and like the Vega it’s not really that ugly, it was just a pile of junk for the most part. Watch the movie “Top Secret” and check out the exploding gas tank about half way into the movie. Classic. Number 2 is the car that one radio station in San Diego gave away in a contest, but it was for a 6 pack of them: the Yugo. Yugo was thoughtful, they had a rear window defroster that helped keep your hands warm when you were pushing the car in the colder climates.

And the number 1 ugly car according to the people from Business Week: The AMC Pacer, which looked more like a Homer Simpson car in real life than anything you’d want to drive. But then, on an episode of Pass Time on Speed there was a Pacer Wagon that a guy drag raced. It even had faux wood on the side of it. Go figure.

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