This Collection Of Fifty-Seven, ’57 Chevys Is Mind-Blowing


The 1957 Chevrolet is arguably the most recognizable classic car on the road today. Everyone recognizes the fins on the back, the big curved bumper in the front, and of course, the two rocket-shaped hood ornaments. Every aspect of these classic Chevys say style and elegance. Not only that, but they are some of the most widely customized cars in the hobby.

It's hard to beat a '57 Chevy in any form. A garage packed full of them is about the best view we can imagine.

Just having one ’57 Chevy is the dream of most car collectors. Some end up with two or three, because they want to have a wagon, a hardtop, and a convertible if they are lucky. Now think about just how cool it would be to have fifty-seven, 1957 Chevrolets! That’s exactly what you would find in the collection of cars owned by the Turbotville and Eagles Mere auto museums in Pennsylvania.


While the museums are separate entities, and Turbotville is a private collection only available by appointment, all of the cars are owned by the same couple. We talked to Wilbur Shaner, curator of the collection, and he told us a little bit about how things got started between the two museums. “The museums house about 450 cars and trucks that are 1990 and older,” Wilbur explained, detailing that they have more than just the 1957s. “It started with his first car, a 1968 Chevelle SS.”

Getting all of the '57 Chevys lined up was a big task that required a huge group of people. Imagine how long it would take just one person to move all of those cars!

The Chevelle was the owner’s first car as a teenager, and things just sort of just snowballed from there. “The collection started to grow in the mid-to-late ‘80s,” Wilbur continued. “The first ’57 Chevy was a Bel Air convertible, which is still part of the collection today. Basically, the collection just keeps growing every year.”

Although the collection is vast, we are focusing on the ’57 Chevys and the interesting way that they were all posed for a photo shoot. You can see some of the other cars by clicking here. The picture you see below contains fifty-seven, 1957 Chevys that are organized into the shape of a “57”, in honor of the 57th birthdays of the couple that own all of the cars. How cool is that?


That’s what fifty-seven, ’57 Chevys in the shape of a 57 look like.

The collection of ’57s includes nearly every possible style of ’57 Chevy. There are convertibles, sedans, hardtops, wagons, and custom-built racers. They even span the entire range of condition. One of the cars is even a 16,000 original-mile convertible! There really is a little of everything in this collection.

The collection really covers every base and has everything from unrestored convertibles to custom-built gassers.

It’s always cool to see a car collection, but it’s really neat to see something so unique done with them. Making them move, drive, and setup in the position that they are really brings the collection to life.

Wilbur explained that it’s not just car people that like the collection, but it’s a great experience for anyone. “It’s like stepping back in time and seeing a car or truck that their grandparents or another family member may of had years ago,” Wilbur explained. “It’s just a great place to walk through to bring back memories of the past.”


We love the collection and the way that they were used to commemorate the birthday of the owners. What do you think of this collection? Have you ever seen anything like this? Check out the Eagles Mere Auto Museum, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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