Tim Allen’s Custom ’96 Impala Stolen; Recovered with “Adopted Son”

Actor Tim Allen is known for his many comedic rolls in both television and movie productions, but like many big-name stars, Allen is also a true car guy at heart, owning an assortment of vehicles from a bright orange 1964 Chevelle SS to a Chevy Volt. But it’s not Allen’s full collection that’s making the news lately.

Rather it’s just one very special vehicle- a 1996 Impala SS that was allegedly stolen from Allen’s garage in California and found last Friday in front of a home in Denver, Colorado. But that’s not the only odd part of this story as the suspected thief has an interesting tale to tell about how he came to possess the vehicle. Check out the video from Fox 31 Denver above for what may be the oddest excuse for allegedly taking someone else’s vehicle we’ve ever heard.

Not your typical collector car, Allen’s ‘96 Impala looks nearly as mundane as any grocery-getting sedan of the ‘90s, but it’s what’s under the hood of this Binford 6100-badged car that makes it worthy of a position in the Hollywood star’s private collection.

Binford is the pseudo tool company highlighted in Allen’s long-time roll as “Tim the Tool Man Taylor” on the TV series Home Improvement.

Built from a partnership between Allen, Wheel to Wheel’s Jeff Beitzel and Jon Moss who is the former director of GM’s specialty vehicles division, Allen’s “Tim Allen Design Impala” is a bit deceiving sitting still, but once it’s unleashed on the road, you’re soon to find out the car’s true colors.

That’s because under the hood you’ll find a DOHC 32-valve Corvette ZR1 LT5 engine, giving the car an impressive kick of 446 ponies and 448 ft-lbs of torque. That, along with Allen’s custom interior and exterior enhancements, makes this car one of Allen’s favorites and worth one pretty penny.

So how did this one-of-a-kind car get to Denver, CO? Well, according to Fox 31, the car was stolen from Allen’s Los Angeles, California garage and found some 1,000 miles in front of Faustino Ibarra’s home. But this isn’t just a case of stolen property because Ibarra claims to have had permission to take the car, telling Fox 31 reporter Justin Joseph that Allen left the door to the garage open for him and provided him with the keys to take the car.

What’s even more strange is Ibarra claims to be Allen’s adopted son.

While only time will tell if Ibarra’s story checks out, the tool man can now rest a bit easier knowing his Impala is safe. Charges of theft are expected to be filed by Los Angeles County where Ibarra will be sent to face the allegations against him.

Adding injury to insult, Fox 31 Denver couldn’t find any information regarding Ibarra’s supposed adoption by Allen and police are also investigating the possibility that Ibarra had been stalking Allen for some time.

Check out some of Allen’s other notable cars in the ABC News interview with Allen last year at his Los Angeles garage in the video below.


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