Today’s catch comes to us from our favorite polarized-lensed showgoer, Scottie D, as he made his way to the 2013 Street Rod Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky. He found this cool little Chevy Blazer that got a street machine treatment and came out the other side looking really sweet.


What’s more, this little number was done start-to-finish in just over five weeks. It may have cost everyone involved some winks and jumping sheep, but their efforts were well spent for how everything turned out.

Right away, we can see the roof was removed to give the truck a convertible style. And while that was certainly an option on these first-generation Blazers, the owner and builder, Tommy, elected to make the truck permanently open-topped to get the most out of driving this slick little truck.

BlazerengineInside is two-tone pleated leather, done up by B & K Customs out of Louisville. It’s an interesting artistic statement, with an aesthetic that affects a basketball with a subdued orange that blends well with the red oak trim. Airbrushed wood grain surrounds the instrument panel and dashboard, as well as the periphery of the truck.

Popping the hood gives viewers an eyeful of the 454: massive, orange, with the custom air cleaner and added airbrushed grain. It’s big, beautiful, and gets this SUV-turned-street rod spinning the wheels the way it was meant to be.

What a great air-riding vehicle. We express our thanks to ScottieD for sharing this brown and orange gem with the rest of the world, and wish him godspeed as he treks across the USA in search of awesome automobiles.