Video: 5.7L HEMI-Swapped ’65 Dodge Coronet Up For Sale

The only clue that tells you what's under the hood...

The 1962-65 Chrysler B-body cars featured all new styling that was quite a departure from the long, fin-tailed land cruisers they were selling just a few years earlier. The mid-sixites were a pivotal time for America. Vietnam, the British Invasion, and a country still up in arms over the Kennedy assassination.

Then there was something called the musclecar. Aimed at the youths running on rebellion and rock and roll, musclecars were the thing to be seen in during those days. The ’65 Coronet, in particular, was one of those cars – especially if you were a Mopar guy. It was Dodge’s midsize, intermediate musclecar that could be had with any motor from a Slant-6 to a 426 HEMI.

It was one of the most common cars to see on the road in those days, being driven by everyone ranging from little old ladies to the young street racer looking for a challenge on Saturday night. Unfortunately, not all of the Coronets made it through the last four decades unscathed, and to find one today, in good shape, is unusual.

So when we ran across this super clean, white over blue example sitting on a chrome set of Cragars we had to appreciate it. But upon further inspection, we noticed that it was rockin’ a late-model 5.7L HEMI under the hood. Backing the HEMI is a 5-speed automatic gearbox and a 8-3/4 rear end with a 3.23 gear ratio.

It has all of the creature comforts of today’s cars too: a/c, power steering, cruise control, and thanks to the modern drivetrain, gets over 22mpg on the highway. The Coronet is currently being offered up for sale by Gateway Classics, who religiously host videos on YouTube of the cars that they are selling on a regular basis. 

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