The 2015 Detroit Autorama was full of innovation and customization at its most finite level. Posted on ScottieDTV, we have a deadly combination of style and power: an all-steel 1962 Ford unibody pickup with a 1,000 horsepower twin-turbo Cummins diesel engine.

DJango is silky smooth inside and out. Just look at that blissful rear end.

Adorned with the name ‘Django’, this Ford pickup is simply a sleek aggressor. Let’s not forget to mention that coupled with the 1,000 horsepower is 2,000 lb./ft. of torque in this pickup.

Built by Weaver Customs in West Jordan, Utah, this clean pickup is chopped and had its windshield leaned back to give it smooth curves up top. Its body lines are beautiful, giving the truck great visual continuity from front to back. There isn’t a single thing on this truck that doesn’t fit the part.

Furthermore, we can see that the ridiculously wide rear tires and wheels are tucked effortlessly under the bed. The deep dish rims only add to the beauty of this pickup, also showing all the power under the hood requires some serious traction to keep the truck grounded properly.

Custom wheel wells fabricated on the bed to accommodate the insanely wide wheels on Django.

Just look at the wheel tubs in the bed, they are big enough for any person to sit on comfortably if they were sitting in the back on this truck. Not that that would happen with this truck but just saying to put it into perspective.

The suicide doors only add on to the wonderful styling of this Ford pickup. Even the interior is plush, combined with brushed aluminum console pieces, shifter and dash. The truck is as futuristic as it is classy with its . Updating an old truck is a hard feat to overcome for any custom enthusiast but we can’t say they went wrong with this truck.

What are your thoughts on ‘Django’? Feel free to share your comments below. Also, don’t forget to check out Weaver Customs’ Facebook page to view current as well as past projects.