Video: A ’70 Chevelle SS Is Featured As Jack Reacher’s Ride

Novels are always being adapted for the big screen. In fact, most films are based off of novels, short stories, comic books, and the like. We could go on for days providing you with examples such as the James Bond series, Fight Club, and pretty much every Steven King novel ever written.

For those of you not sure who Jack Reacher is, he’s a fictional hero from the mind of British author Jim Grant (who goes by the pen name of Lee Child). In the novels, Jack is a built, blonde-haired man standing 6-feet, 5-inches, with an immense military background, even being born in Germany on a military base. He was instructed to take orders from everyone (telling him where to go, what to do, how to do it, etc.) from birth until the age of 37.

Any film trailer that features the sound of a revving big-block Chevy and a Hurst shifter immediately grabs our attention.

Once he withdrew from the military, he turned drifter, wandering aimlessly through the United States taking odd jobs, and living off of his savings account for money. He also earns extra cash by taking it from his enemies along the way. For transportation he typically relies on hitchhiking or taking the bus, but on occasion he can be found behind the wheel of various cars. He’s never held a driver’s license.

In this yet-to-be-released film adaption of the 2005 novel One Shot, Reacher is apparently a former cop turned vigilante crime-fighter. He’s also not a 6’5 blonde-haired man, as evidence of Tom Cruise playing the title role. Sometimes filmmakers change a character’s background to appeal to more audiences.

The movie was shot entirely in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and from what we can tell from the trailer, Cruise’s character solely relies on a ’70 Chevelle SS for transportation. Judging by the preview, the classic A-body has a predominant role in the film being included of several action scenes that ultimately leads to the car getting trashed. The movie will be released on December, 21st 2012 and we just might have to go see it for the Chevelle alone.

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