Video: A Look At Bill Goldberg’s Tremec-Equipped Trans Am

There are a ton of really cool cars that come out to the annual Specialty Equipment Market Association or SEMA show held in Las Vegas. This year, we wanted to get a look at one of the coolest pro-touring second-gen Trans Ams out there, so we sent Jessica Barton to go talk to its owner, the one and only Bill Goldberg. Check out what the former pro wrestler had to say about his amazing Tremec-equipped TA in the video above.

The ‘70 Pro-Touring Trans Am is the collaboration of many industry leading companies. After trading in his wife Wanda’s Jaguar, Goldberg picked up the Trans Am to turn into a Pro-Touring car for her. After all, she is a trained stunt woman and deserves a car that she can really drive hard.

With no hesitation, Hendrick Motorsports got on board with the build, providing Goldberg with a modified LS7 engine. Running a powerful engine, especially in a pro-touring car, requires the use of a pretty hefty transmission. So Tremec stepped up and provided Goldberg with one of their T56 Magnum six-speed transmissions built to be beat on. With the ability to withstand up to 700 lb. ft. of torque, the Magnum was a sure fit for the Goldberg TA. Other companies that had a hand in this amazing Trans Am include Forgeline, Detroit Speed, RideTech, Baer Brake Systems, Flowmaster, MSD Ignitions, Year One and Optima Batteries.

As the host of last year’s Optima Ultimate Street Car Challenge, Goldberg got hooked on the pro-touring lifestyle, and who can blame him? With the best of both worlds at your fingertips, the Pro-Touring scene allows you to have the ultimate classic-meets-modern muscle car as well as gives you the opportunity to work with great companies like Tremec.

Although our time with Goldberg was brief, his Trans Am left a lasting impression on us. We look forward to seeing Wanda compete with her pro-touring Trans Am in the future.

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