There are many ways to go about building the car of your dreams, and we’re pretty sure that this isn’t one of them. Although the car in question features many parts and pieces from famed aftermarket titan Edelbrock, it’s not exactly a purpose-built hotrod. In fact, it’s about the furthest thing from a hot rod we can imagine. According to the video title, the engine is stuffed full of “Eldebrock” pieces and an Edelbrock intake and carburetor. So…which is it?

Regardless, the backyard engineering on this old Caprice leaves you something short of satisfied, as the car doesn’t have appear any sort of viable plan for its construction at this point. The engine bay itself is a maze of wires and hoses running in every direction, leading us to believe that there may be many more issues with this car that we can even see.

Despite the issues, the good ol’ boys working on this heap have a mission to complete – keeping the car running long enough to dial in the carburetor and make sure there are no leaks. We spotted a myriad of problems just from watching the video – an electric-choke carburetor with no electricity hooked up to it, a fan shroud that is long gone, and numerous exhaust leaks can be heard. With all of that in mind, the most important problem surfaces right at the end – the car won’t turn off, meaning that there is a definite wiring issue. In fact, it has to be shut off by disconnecting the alternator from the electrical system. Who needs an ignition switch when you can just unwrap the wiring and shut things down?