Video: All-Wheel Drive World Record Holding Jeep SRT8 Turbo

Atco Raceway has been the home of many world-record-setting passes over the years, and just recently the all-wheel-drive Jeep SRT8 world record was busted on a killer pass – an 8.95 at nearly 157 MPH that is the result of a lot of hard work.

It’s not easy to make an eight-second pass in any type of vehicle, but achieving the feat in a machine that has all of the aerodynamic appeal of a barn door while driving all four wheels certainly is, and this machine makes it happen on a pass that looks no more dramatic than a typical ten or eleven-second car – until you see the scoreboard light up with the insane elapsed time.  


Keeping the driveline alive is the most difficult task in any strip stormer, and when you’re attempting to drive all four wheels to the pavement without a failure, it becomes infinitely more difficult. To that end a complete Paramount Performance Products driveline was installed.

The cross-track in-cab video is perhaps the most impressive – as soon as the tree drops, the SRT8 simply explodes off the starting line, leaving the other Jeep in the rearview mirror and out of view quicker than you can blink your eyes – and that’s a 9-second Jeep! 

We’re well aware that the 94mm turbocharger on this machine is capable of much more in terms of performance, but the question becomes how long can the driveline parts live in such an abusive environment, as we’ve seen other SRT8’s turned into rear-wheel-drive-only machines in search of quicker ET’s. One thing’s for sure – this thing is a large slice of pure badass. 

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