Mopar Graveyard-1Lucas Marquardt is a busy guy. It seems that when he is not working on cars, he is trolling the country looking for really cool cars and trucks to use in his videos.

He then freely shares these videos on his Car Guy Luke YouTube channel. Every once in a while, he comes across something really exciting. This time, Marquardt may have outdone himself.

The video above will blow your mind if you are a Mopar lover. Even if you are not, the find that Marquardt stumbled upon will amaze even the most die-hard Chevy or Ford fan. While Marquardt was working on the 1956/57 Napco trucks that he found a week before he shot this video, he discovered this back lot that had five late 60s Mopar cars in various states of disrepair.

Mopar Graveyard-2He had the presence of mind to gather some valuable information from these rare finds after creating the video above. Here are the VINs of the Mopar cars in the video, and how they decoded. The first is WS23L9G242200, a 1969 Dodge Coronet R/T 440 four-speed (per data plate). It’s one of 1,541 made. The second car’s VIN is XS29J9D234780, a 1969 Hemi Charger (per VIN), and one of less than 1,000.

Mopar Graveyard ThumbThe third car VIN is XS29J8B254091. It came up as 1968 Hemi Charger, four-speed floor-shift car, and is one of only 467 built (per VIN and data plate). Number four car carries VIN XX29L9B220074, which translated to a 1969 440ci Charger 500 Fast Top (one of just 392 examples made. The fifth and last of these resto-ready Mopars found had VIN  XP29F8XXXXXXX, a green 1968 318 Charger (per data plate).

Want one of these Mopar shells? If you contact Marquardt through his YouTube page, he may tell you where this back lot is. That is if he hasn’t bought them all up yet!

Mopar Graveyard-3