The Camaros, Chevelles, and Novas were all great additions to the beginning of the muscle car market. You’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all, right? However, what about the less-performance orientated foundations GM was pumping out of the factory during the same time? If you’re familiar with The General, you’ll know they were producing everything from trucks to sports cars and everything in between.

Case in point, the first generation Monte Carlo by Chevrolet. Though it endured six long generations, along the process, it lost its way. Thankfully, we have hero’s like the Alex Sherman and his ’71 Monte Carlo who isn’t afraid to go all-in and let the big-body shred some tires. If Alex Sherman sounds familiar, that’s because we’ve covered his antics before, right here.

As Chevrolet’s first personal-luxury coupe, we’re glad to see this Monte stuffed with a swap-friendly 396ci big-block from a ’67 donor vehicle with 2.5-inch Magnaflow exhust. Backing up the firing squad is a simple yet effective TH400, which transmits all that go to a bullet-proof 12-bolt rearend with a set of street-ready 4.11 gears.

Wheel choices consist of 15×7-inch wheels up front, wrapped in P245/60/R15 tires while the rear gets 15×8-inch wheels on a larger, P295/50/R15 tire. To get the correct stance, the big-body was set on 2-inch drop coils in the rear.

As with most fresh project builds, the first thing to get checked off the list is a burnout. It’s clear from the video that one wasn’t enough. With the addition of a couple open parking lot drifts, we’re sold on this hard-twisting Monte Carlo. Could it get any more obvious, we need to see more big-body Monte’s!