Video: C5Z06 Corvette Totaled by Oklahoma Tornado Still Runs

When you beat on your performance car, the repairs that come with the fun are a pain in the rear end, but they’re just the cost of doing business. As your author’s GTO currently sits idle due to a broken axle stub waiting for a replacement in the mail, a story like this really puts in perspective how small these maintenance and repair tasks really are.

Shane Steelman used to be the owner of a fairly impressive C5 Z06 Corvette. The little red coupe featured a full exhaust and custom grind cam making right around 407 RWHP. Unfortunately, when the late-May tornado hit Moore, Oklahoma, Shane ran out of time to make it home from work to save his prized Vette. According to Corvette Blogger, Shane had his girlfriend pick up the dog and get out as soon as possible in their daily driven Trailblazer SS.


After seeing this, one can only hope Shane finds a new ride in no time.

When they came back to assess the damage, Shane and his girlfriend discovered that almost everything, including the structure that they once called “home,” was now gone. When Shane laid eyes on his once spectacular C5, it was only a shell of its former self. The exterior laid in shambles and the interior was completely thrashed. However, when he popped the hood, all the parts of his LS beast were still intact. Shane was even able to fire up his little red Corvette one last time before it was towed away and deemed a complete loss by the insurance company.

When Shane originally heard of the assistance offered from Corvette Blogger and their readers, he had this to say, I’ve been calm about this whole thing but to see that others want to reach out to me in my time of need brings me to my knees in tears. I can’t believe the goodness and kindness of others.


What was once a getaway from real life has now been claimed by mother nature.

The story of Shane further reinforces the idea that the car community is one of the most tightly knit and caring communities out there. Even though we may share our fair amount of smack talking, the community is always there when one of our own is in need.

Editor’s Note: We strongly support efforts to assist those in need in the wake of the unprecedented damage in Oklahoma, and suggest that if you are looking for a way to contribute, the Salvation Army would be an excellent choice. – PH

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