Video: Check Out This Incredible F-Body Junkyard in Canada

We all have our beloved makes and models and to think of them as someone else’s garbage is unnerving. Unfortunately, that is the case for thousands of cars across the world that end up in junkyards for one reason or another. But not all junk yards are bad, as we found out from a collection of Vimeo videos showing David T’s Camaros & Firebirds, a junk yard dedicated to only F-bodies in Canada. You have got to see this place to believe it.

David T’s Camaros & Firebirds is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and has been in business for 27 years. In those years, David T’s has dismantled over 3,000 Firebirds and Camaros. Currently, the property is home to over 1,500 cars.

Yes, this is a sad fate for the hundreds of F-bodies, but David T’s is not just about sending these cars to the crusher. In fact, the junk yard only dismantles vehicles that can’t be fixed due to extreme rust or body damage. The cars that are dismantled serve as parts cars for F-body enthusiasts looking for parts for their own vehicles, including V6s, Z28s, Formulas, Trans Ams, SS Camaros and GTAs. The cars that aren’t dismantled are all for sale, most as project cars and some as fully-restored vehicles.

With over 1,500 cars in their inventory at a time, David T’s is an extremely large operation. While we’re not quite sure how many acres the property is, we did learn in the last video that it is about 2 blocks from the front office to the back of the fenced junkyard area commonly referred to as “the sea of Camaros and Firebirds.”

While Canada is a bit far for most of us to go for our Camaro and Firebird part needs, David T’s Camaros & Firebirds looks like the Mecca for guys with project F-bodies and it may just be worth the trip to see this place in person. Check out the videos of David T’s Camaros & Firebirds to see what we mean.

To see more videos make sure you check out David T’s Camaros & Firebirds Vimeo page.

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