gtx01When zoomed in, this ¼ scale RC Plymouth GTX looks like the real thing. Built by Ceyhun Erisik of Turkey, he built this RC car with precise detail. He must have plenty of elbow grease into this project as to make it emulate the real thing.

Erisik must have spent hours looking through countless photos of the Plymouth to capture the car’s every last detail. The correct side scoops, hood scoop, headlights, side pipe exhaust, racing wheels and the correct badging all exist on this fine RC model.

He even went as far as installing a full interior. This interior contains red & black leather seats, a dash with gauges, a racing steering wheel and a center console with a shifter. The car also has the fog lamps in the front bumper and racing decals for Edelbrock, Earl’s and a few other aftermarket parts companies.

Not only does this model like look the real thing it performs like it as well. The car’s engine is a single cylinder RC engine which revs like a miniature 440.

gtx02It zips, rips and blazes along the pavement like it’s full size counter part. At close up angles this mini Mopar could easily be mistaken for the full scale car.

Erisik has done an excellent job putting making this RC car appear life like. You can tell he is passionate about his car, by the way he talks in the video. It seems like he is having more fun enjoying this RC car than guys do enjoying the real thing.

But as they say, everyone has their price and the RC car was eventually sold. A follow up video with working lights was uploaded by the new owner,  YouTuber DreamBig65, with more refinements planned. It now has working fog and headlamps, as well as brake lights and reverse lights. Kinda makes you want one for yourself, doesn’t it? What car would you have Mr. Erisik build for you?