Video: Classic Dodge Dart Takes On Nissan GT-R; Bad Start, Bad Crash

For the people of Duluth, Minnesota, the local drag race and car show was meant to be just a simple get-together to sell, show, talk, and race cars. But things don’t always go as planned, do they?

The drag races, which took place on the weekend of September 7-8, were sponsored by the Kia of Duluth dealership. Close to 100 cars were racing over the course of two days, so there was plenty of entertainment to go around.

One of the major highlights, however, was the unfortunate accident that occurred during what promised to be an intriguing matchup: in the left lane, a classic fourth-generation Dart; and in the right lane, a modern-day Nissan GT-R.

Upon the launch, the GT-R’s better grip and AWD had it shooting off faster than the Dart, but the GT-R quickly lost traction – and veered directly into the path charging Dart. An unlucky incident for both parties involved, to be sure. So what did the GT-R driver have to say for himself?

Evidently, one of his axles was to blame, having “broken” right out of the launch. A gaggle of YouTube commenters were quick to offer insightful criticisms of his driving performance, calling BS on the broken axle claim and saying that disabling his traction control was his main mistake.

Others preferred to go straight for the jugular, calling the man a “ricer” whose racing skill didn’t increase simply because his “bank account” did. Ouch.

What do you think? Was the Nissan driver a victim of circumstance or his own incompetence? Let us know in the comments below. Another angle of the ill-fated match up is in the video below.

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