If you are a die-hard Buick Regal fan and have ever tried looking for quality parts for your beloved restoration vehicle, chances are you have spent countless hours searching the forums looking for quality Buick parts. Well, thanks to Classic Industries, the endless search may finally be over.

Classic Industries has just annouced that it’s expanding it’s catalog to now include the popular Buick Regal lineup. Starting this month, Classic Industries will now be offering a complete line of Buick Regal parts and accessories for your next restoration or custom build. The catalog expansion will be geared towards 1978-1987 Buick Regal, Grand National and T-Type models focusing on performance, restoration, and custom products.

The new Classic Industries product line will not only focus on the reproduction and restoration enthusiast, but will also feature custom upgrades to meet the demands of the performance enthusiast as well. From exhaust system upgrades, to complete suspension and braking components, the new catalog will feature available upgrades from some of the most popular aftermarket brands in the business.

The Classic Industries Buick Regal Catalog will cover a wide range of 1978-1987 Restoration and Performance Parts and Accessories.

The new product catalog will also offer a wide selection of parts and accessories for the interior and exterior of your Buick, with hundreds of full color photos and descriptions to help the wide range of Grand National, Regal or T-Type enthusiasts achieve the perfect build they are looking for.

The new Classic Industries catalog for the 1978-1987 Buick is available now at You can also call 1-844-782-2825 to request a free copy.