This 1967 Chevy Nova was spotted during the Goodguys 8th Annual Nashville Nationals. According to the narration in this video from ScottieDTV, it’s powered by an LS motor, and the entire engine compartment is highly detailed. The classic Nova is done up in a creamy red color scheme, reminiscent of tomato soup. The finish is chrome and polished aluminum, as you can see. This custom is definitely a far cry from the factory Novas of that vintage, which featured only meager trim character and styling cues. 

It was built by Greening Auto Company of Nashville, Tennessee. The 14-year-old company is a father-son venture that builds around two to three full cars in a year, doing some side business with custom machining and an installation service.

Jesse and Jeff approach all their major builds with a seven-step design plan that has served them well over the years, garnering attention and awards across the nation. 

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 3.25.41 PMThe Nova is owned by Jimmy Shaw of Forrest, Mississippi. He had the one-of-a-kind, 19-inch wheels custom-machined by Jesse and Jeff. Meanwhile, CAD was used to test the wheels’ pressure displacement capabilities. That done, the next step was to have the design machined and installed onto the car, which must have been a cinch by that point; Greening Auto Company always makes the proper measurements to ensure ease with future installation. 

Interestingly, the exhaust pipes were built into the fender on either side. And the bucket seats appear to be able to accommodate at least three-point racing seat belts.

Finally, Scottie was able to record Jimmy tearing it up on the racetrack in Nashville. Way to go Jimmy! She’s a beautiful ride.