Getting nitrous into your race motor can take many paths: a wet shot through a throttle body, a plate system below the carb, or a powerful direct-port system. The direct-port system can provide the most power and control, but plumbing these setups can be a challenge. Edelbrock has stepped in to address the issue of how complex a direct-port system can be with their line of pre-plumbed intakes. These units have everything you need in one package to add a nice direct-port nitrous shot to your Chevy-based engine.

The kits ship with the stainless steel nitrous nozzles already installed in the intake manifold. To make installation of the system easy, the nitrous and fuel lines come pre-bent and pre-plumbed with everything attached to the blocks already. The jet sizes included with the kit are .016-inch for a 100 horsepower shot of giggle juice, and a .02-inch for a 150 horsepower increase. The lines are all routed in a way to avoid interfering with most carburetors and throttle bodies that are on the market today.


Edelbrock offers these great direct-port kits for the small-block Chevy with their Victor Jr. and Super Victor intakes. The Victor Jr. intake is designed more for an entry level setup to help racers get their feet wet with the direct-port system.  The Super Victor is ready to make bigger power with a larger plenum and runners to help the motor breath the nitrous in deeper. The big-block Chevy direct-port intake uses the Victor Jr. intake and comes with the same high-quality parts as the small-block kits.

This great video from Edelbrock breaks down all the features of these direct-port intakes and what they have to offer.