Dan Verellen from Ontario, Canada, shows us his latest and most talented creation. You might call it a resto-mod, he calls it his 68/07 Charger creation, “What’s old is new again.” Dan owns and operates DJ’s Custom Mopars, a family-operated business that he started in 1996.

Since restoring Mopars is what Dan does, he decided to take on a unique project for himself. Dan and his team took a 1968 Charger and mated it with a 2007 Charger, so he now has the looks of the classic ’68 Charger with all the modern technology of the newer ’07 Charger. The car now has the platform of the new Charger with all the comforts like interior, suspension, and dependability.

It was quite a task grafting the 1968 body to the modern Charger platform, Dan states that it required many countless hours of measuring and more measuring to morph the two vehicles together.

Since completion of the car it has won many awards, and last October Dan was invited to the Playboy Mansion for the Mopars at the Mansion event. His award-winning Charger was such a big success that it has been in several magazines and even televised that he is now taking orders to build them for his customers.

It doesn’t look like Dan and his crew will have a lot of down time since his new creation has really put him and his company on the map. Take a look at the video and see how Dan’s Charger went from dream to reality.