Video: Florida Man Houses Immense Car Collection in Old Walmart

Walmart has never been associated with quality automotive parts. Sure you can get headlight bulbs and coolant there for cheap, but the box store is not typically frequented for its killer automotive section. One man might be able to change that, however, at least in Punta Gorda, Florida. As it turns out, the avid automotive enthusiast is currently using an old Walmart to store over 200 cars and display them for the public. Check out the video of the cars and odd choice of storage facility in the video above, compliments of Ridelust.

Rick Treworgy had a love for cars from a very young age, playing with any toy that had four wheels. His interest turned into a real life passion when he turned 16 in 1965 and was able to drive. At the beginning, Treworgy was only interested in old cars because they were all that he could afford at the time, but he developed a passion for them over the years.

As a young driver, Treworgy started buying, restoring and selling old cars to keep his passion alive and started collecting cars around 1973. Since then, he has acquired around 225 cars for his collection.

The cars span 80 model years and include early 1930s roadsters on up to resto-mods and modern sports cars. The collection, which is housed in an old Walmart store and open to the public as “Rick Treworgy’s Muscle Car City,” features one of the largest displays of GM muscle cars in the country, which includes early Z/28 and 396 Camaros, SS Chevelles and El Caminos, Pontiac GTOs, big-block Impalas and Oldsmobile 4-4-2s.

In the collection, Treworgy also has one of every model year Corvette from 1954 to 1975, as well as many of each generation up through 2006.

To store all of his cars, Treworgy actually purchased an old Walmart store building. With 99,000sq.ft. of space, there is plenty of room for his 200+ cars. Prior to the Walmart building, Treworgy had his cars in a 44,000 square-foot building where he had to stack his cars two high to store them all.

While 225 cars is a lot, especially considering that put together they make over 65,000hp, all of Treworgy’s cars are kept in working order. On any given day, he can actually choose any car and take it out for a drive with no problem.

In addition to the car collection, Muscle Car City has an authentic 1960s diner-themed café, a large memorabilia gift store and a car corral where you can purchase vintage hot rods and muscle cars. The museum also hosts numerous car clubs and events every year.

If you’re in the Punta Gorda, Florida area, check out Rick Treworgy’s Muscle Car City. Walmart or not, it would be well worth your trip.

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