There are times that we love watching the UK edition of Top Gear, and there are times that we loathe it. On a recent edition of the show Richard Hammond, the short, funny, muscle car loving guy of the trio, tried to answer the question of which car might be best to ride into the sunset should an Apocalypse occur. Specifically, if the end were truly near, which car in all the world would you choose to climb behind the wheel of last? To our surprise, Top Gear chose a muscle car from across the pond; a screaming yellow ’70 GTO Judge.

Why do we find this surprising? Well, no matter how beautiful the video, photography, and production are on Top Gear we’ve always felt them to be a little snooty to say the least. That being said, Hammond goes on and on about what joy it is to drive a muscle car, and in this case, a GTO Judge. Why is it joyful?

It’s not refined, it’s not easy to wheel, and it doesn’t have cup holders for afternoon tea, but when it’s all said and done is has that universal bad-ass quality that anyone whose ever driven a muscle car has become speed drunk on. Hammond ends the video with some sage wisdom. He said, “muscle cars may not done much to advance the world, but trust me, you wouldn’t want to live in a world without them.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.