If you’re like us you probably have a huge spot for the muscle cars of the ’60s and ’70s. We love the way they look, sound, and feel, but the reality is that driving them in stock form leaves a bit to lack. Actually, when compared with nearly any modern car, we hate to admit that even today’s front-wheel-drive 4-bangers can handle circles around anything old. Luckily, with modern engineering and a raging demand from consumers like us, companies like Hellwig are solving the handling completely.

This video from SupercarTV demonstrates a before-and-after scenario on their test ’69 Charger R/T. The “before” version of the Charger is a stock R/T setup, and while it may have been good in it’s day it’s clearly wallowing side to side during ever cornering exercise. The “after” video demonstrates the major benefits of a simple upgrade of Hellwig’s massive front and rear sway bars, along a few other small upgrades.

Hellwig offers both solid and tubular versions of their sway bars for most muscle car applications. On this particular Charger the tubular bars are 1 3/8″ diameter fronts and 7/8″ in the rear. For the solid bars, the rear is still a 7/8″ piece, but the front is a 1 1/4″ diameter bar.