Friends, there are race cars, and then there are race cars. This is footage via an in-car camera of a Holman Moody Spec’d’64 Ford Fairlane 500, and it’s attacking The Nurburgring in Germany. The video is shot from the dash of the car with an in-lay view of the driver as well as heads up metrics on speed.

The sound and view are incredible as it’s completely possible to gauge the speed this car is traveling while simultaneously understanding just how fragile it is when compared to the ultra safe cars we see in NASCAR today. It truly helps showcase the fact that the men that raced these kind of cars had stones like a World War II era fighter pilot.

If this Fairlane is set up to true Holman Moody Specs it will have a 427 side-oiler topped with two Holley 750s, a Jerico top-loader four-speed, and a Ford 9-inch rear end. It weights around 2500 pounds, and with nearly 500-horsepower it’s an absolute rocket in any class it runs.

We’ve heard of these being prepped by Lee Holman (son of John Holman), so it’s likely that that all of the chassis, suspension, and braking components are set up to original stats and will play well in vintage racing. All we know is that it’s awesome!