Video: Join NHRA Champ Leah Pritchett And Her Magnaflow Hellcat

lp08Usually, when you find someone who has a particular job that might cross over to their personal life, they really don’t care to do the same thing when they get home. It’s been a popular saying for decades: professional mechanics sometimes have the worst running personal cars, because they don’t want to spend their weekend working on cars after their 9-5 job had them doing the same thing.

But does any of that hold true for, say, a three-time NHRA Top Fuel champion? When your regular job is to go fast, do you hang up the keys and take it easy during your time off? Ask that question to Magnaflow Ambassador Leah Pritchett, and see what she says about her Magnaflow-enhanced Dodge Challenger Hellcat.

When she spends a mere three seconds and some change in her “office”, is that enough to get it all out of her system so she can go home and drive slow cars? We’ll venture a guess and say, “Nah, she still likes fast cars even when she’s not donning the fire suit, helmet, and gloves.”


We caught up with Leah recently and did a little video ride along while she hit some Southern California back roads with her Hellcat, as she cruised along the winding roads. But then suddenly some lights appear, and she was a transcendent commuter, staring down the 1320 waiting for the green as she lit ’em up and laid ’em down.

A pair of patches later and after the smoke cleared…. all we hear is the sweet sound of the Magnaflow axle-back exhaust system giving out an improved tone over the stock system. The Hellcat’s 707 horsepower painted 11s effortlessly, and in the capable hands of Leah Pritchett it was just another walk in the park. Or was it a sprint out of the box? You’ll have to ask her, we don’t recall the exact location or time frame to match up the Go Mango Hellcat to those strange marks on the quiet SoCal countryside.


But you can still hear that sound her Hellcat made, just click on the rewind button in the video above. Go ahead… you know you want to watch it again and listen to that sound. If you want to hear it in real life, head on over to the Magnaflow website and check out the exhaust systems they have for your hot rod or musclecar.


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