This isn’t your average run-of-the-mill old Lexus with paint peeling off the bumper. One look under the hood of this GS300 and you will see that it has the heart of an LS and the rumble of Flowmaster Delta 40’s. This Lexus obviously means business.

Here at LSXMAG, we can always appreciate a good LS swap into something totally off the wall. We found “jminsd” on YouTube and found his GS300 with an LSX transplant along with an R154 manual tray, LM7 cylinder heads and CTS-V exhaust manifolds. He tops off the swap with some mean sounding Flowmaster Delta 40’s.

The LS swap trend into imports isn’t something new or a rare fad. It’s been going on for years and some people hate it while some people live for it. LS engines are notorious for making big, easy power numbers. Compound those mill with especially light imports with easily accessible parts and upgrades available, it makes the swap an obvious choice for drifters. It seems as if “jminsd” got that memo and ran with it, turning this seemingly harmless GS300 into a monster for the next unknowing car and driver he encounters.

It appears that it may be a drift car … and we’re ecstatic it’s not another 240 LS swap! Regardless if you like imports or not, you have to like what’s on the inside if it’s LSX.