Video: Modern EFI For Old School Cars With Edelbrock E-Street EFI

This '57 Chevy had a secret under the hood, and we opened it up to learn more about it.

Back in September of 2012, we took a trip to Torrance, California, to meet up with Edelbrock and talk to them about some of their new products, and to see what they had up their sleeve. We met up with Inside Sales Manager Troy Hooker, and we had some questions about a suspicious looking ’57 Chevrolet sitting in Vic’s Garage.

The classic Tri-Five decked out in the classic Edelbrock red paint had it’s hood up, and we noticed a few extra parts and components that we don’t usually see on a carburetted musclecar. So was asked Troy what was going on with the Chevy and he told us about a new product that Edelbrock has been working on, and explained to us why this is such a cool component to install on a musclecar.

The new product is their upcoming E-Street EFI, a complete fuel injection system that can be installed on nearly any hot rod, street rod or musclecar, in place of the four-barrel carburetor. The 4150-style throttlebody that is the brawn of the kit bolts on to a standard square bore intake manifold, and it includes the fuel rails, fuel injectors, air temp sensor and the TPS.

Installation is straightforward, and can be done in about a day with standard tools and it doesn’t require a laptop or advanced computer skills to complete the installation. The self-tuning computer receives input from the included wide-band O2 sensor and makes adjustments for you, as you drive your car. The control unit can be mounted anywhere convenient, whether it’s inside the car or in the engine bay, providing it’s away from excessive heat or moisture.

Wireless Bluetooth technology allows you to tell the computer what it needs to know about your car.

To make the connection between machine and computer is a handheld, full color tablet that communicates with the computer via wireless Bluetooth technology. When the installation is complete, you simply answer questions about your vehicle and set the parameters from the prompts, and then you do the one thing that makes the entire installation complete: you turn the key and let the computer do it’s thing.

We have it on good account that the E-Street EFI should be available in about a month, and Edelbrock is excited about their anticipated release. They’ve been fine tuning the details and have the system installed on about eight of their shop cars to make sure that all bases are covered: from classics like Vic’s ’57 to a Ford shop truck, the system is a simple to install EFI that provides drivability and efficiency with classic vehicles.

Driving your car is about all you need to know about tuning the EFI. You tell the computer what it needs to know about your car, and the computer tells the throttlebody what it needs to know based on your answers. The computer makes constant adjustments to your EFI based on engine speed, temperature and O2 readings from the wideband sensor. And for those who want to fine tune for economy or performance, you can set up different profiles and save them with the wireless tablet. You can even download your favorite music for cruise nights.

So if you’ve been wondering how to get your carburetted vehicle up to date with today’s technology without swapping engines, check out the new E-Street EFI system from Edelbrock.

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