Drag racing has come a long way from its origins. Starting on streets and abandoned runways, drag racing is now done as a sport on tracks across the country. As drag racing progressed, so did driver experience. Kids just looking for fun started the drag racing movement back in the day. Now, armatures and professionals alike share the thrill of drag racing.

Over at BangShift.com, they came across a trailer for a new movie that details the history and some of the greats of drag racing- and we must say, the movie looks like it’ll be well worth watching.

The trailer for the new movie by Don Garlits, “Drag Racing Dreams,” shows quite a bit of footage from old drag races. Cars and drivers alike can be seen going head to head on the streets, salt flats and tracks. The movie promises to take viewers through the history of drag racing from the very beginning.

Many drag-racing greats came out of the evolution of drag racing. Many of these individuals can be seen talking in the trailer. Individuals like Muldowney, Prudhomme, Garlits and Karamesines are sure to be included in the video history.

The folks over at BangShift.com looked into it and found out that six videos will be released. All the videos are set to be about drag racing history. The first video is available for purchase through Don Garlits’ website now. We don’t know when the other volumes are set to release, but look forward to seeing what these videos have to offer.