Video: Nine-Plus Minutes of Muscle Car Burnouts In Switzerland

Car meets are a great thing – they afford the showgoer an opportunity to see cars that may not exist in the everyday world anymore, in addition to providing the automotive enthusiast with a place to take their pride and joy to show it off to the masses in attendance.

There’s usually something for everyone, from late-model muscle to early machines that have engines that simply aren’t produced anymore. And overseas car meets are even more interesting; it seems like they are often a little bit behind where we are here in the States (no offense if you’re reading this from across the pond).

This particular video comes to us by way of Switzerland, one of the most prosperous countries in the world, and the home of all of those untraceable Swiss bank accounts. Luckily for us, that prosperity means that they’ve got a couple of extra bucks to spend on the uniquely American tradition of hotrodding.

Although we don’t get to witness any of the actual show here, we do get to witness plenty of burnouts and drive-bys from some sweet rides. There are all sorts of Detroit-produced machines in this video, from the one-wheel-peel Cougar to the sweet black 2012 Mustang, all putting on a show for the fans lining the streets from end to end.

One thing that never ceases to amaze us is the fact that so many bystanders are happy to get right up in the action, never considering the fact that a car doing a burnout is just one crappy driver away from causing a catastrophe, especially on crowded city streets like these.  

No matter – burnouts rule, and we’re glad this particular camera operator took the time to shoot all of these beautiful cars, in full HD, for your viewing enjoyment. Be sure to click the quality button on the player if your internet connection can support streaming HD – it’s worth the extra load time.  

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