Video: Pardon Me, But Do You Happen To Have A Blown Rolls?

rolls04Here we go again, someone has taken what was once considered the ride of luxury, the most elegant of four-door saloons, and turned it into something that the make might hate and something us gearheads might love. The last time we saw a beast like this it was a Silver Shadow with a blown HEMI. Not to be outdone, we see another fine example of a Rolls-Royce that breaks the mold. Again.

This time, hailing from Finland and wearing custom plates that read “PRO CLASSIC”, we have before us this gem found over at Speedhunters. Though it’s not a HEMI, this car is nonetheless spectacular with attention to detail throughout the build. Where do you start?

The engine is a 462 cubic inch GM powerplant with a 14-71 Mooneyham blower supporting a pair of Holley Dominator carbs. Feeding the throaty beast is a carbon fiber scoop sitting on top of the carbs, looking just as menacing as ever. The TH400 is controlled via a set of Hurst Lightning Rods, and a QA1 suspension kit is somehow fitted to the complete tube chassis beneath its meticulously cared for shell.

Weld Racing Convo Pro wheels help keep the Hoosier drag slicks in place on the Strange axles; while Wildwood calipers and rotors bringing the unconventional Rolls to a halt. The 200 shot of nitrous provides that extra little kick in the pants, as if the whole combination wasn’t enough to begin with.

Even the interior was treated to the best of the best, with a mixture of classy leather appointments, and a roll cage that uniquely contains the driver, should something unthinkable happen during one of it’s passes. The car wears so many hats; is it a drag car? A show car? Or is it a Pro-Street car?  The answer is simple: D, all of the above.

Whatever you want to call it, don’t call it typical. Because when something like this shows up at an event, chances are people won’t even notice anything else around them for a few minutes. So who would love to see something like this cruising through the well-to-do ‘hood in your town?

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