The first video from Pepsi Max of Jeff Gordon test driving a Camaro scaring a salesman at a dealership had a lot of people wondering if it was real. Jeff explains that lots of people claimed it was all set up and 100% fake. 

One of the biggest people that said the video was fake was Travis Okulski, from Jalopnik. He thought the entire commercial was set up. When Jeff Gordon caught wind of that, he went out of his way to make sure that Travis knew it was real. 

A very scared Travis!

A very scared Travis!

Travis’s good friend and co-worker set the entire taxi ride up as a prank to show it was real. He had a disguised Jeff Gordon pose as a taxi driver and pick up Travis. They drive down the street casually while Gordon claims that he was in jail for 10 years. Shortly after a highway patrol officer lights him up. 

Gordon pulls over, but then says he won’t go back to jail. He punches the LS powered Caprice and flies down the road into an industrial complex. At this point Travis is absolutely freaking out, no doubt soiling his trousers in the process. He’s screaming for the taxi driver to please stop and pull over. 

After a few minutes of high speed maneuvering, Gordon pulls into a building that has been decorated in Pepsi Max signage. He runs around the car, stripping off his wig, hat and sunglasses. Approaching Travis he says, “I’m Jeff Gordon, was THAT for real?” At that point Travis is extremely relieved and a bit shaken, but says “that was for real!” 

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