Drag racing usually involves lightweight cars or trucks with plenty of horsepower to propel them down the track as fast as possible. Watching a vehicle set off the win the light with a 15-second ET normally results in a bored look from spectators, but when is it dump truck running a 15-second ET it almost frightening. Large industrial trucks also known as big rigs are not usually tearing up the drag strip, but there are events that cater to these thrill seekers.

RideLust ran across a video originally found by BangShift guys, showing A Kenworth T800 dump truck straight from hell. With all of the clean air regulations in California this truck would not be allowed anywhere near the Port of Long Beach.

With the amount of smoke belching from the stacks of both the Peterbilt and Kenworth, it would normally cause alarm from the crowd but this is pure diesel madness, which results in a massive display of smoke. Like the battle between Ford and Chevy, the Kenworth and Peterbilt rivalry is much the same and this time the Kenworth takes the win. According to RideLust the T800 is bouncing off the rev limiter, which means that the Pete would have been in store for a bigger beat down with a better transmission.

Regardless of the sheer power required to make a T800 run in the 15’s at over 90mph, this is an incredibly insane display of power and craziness.  The only thing that could top this might be addition of chainsaws, flamethrowers and ravenous zombies being mowed down on the track (clean up on the track would take some additional time, but it would be worth it).