Video: Pinup Girls & Hot Rods

You might not care for the whole rat rod craze, but you can’t shake a stick at the lifestyle and look that accompanies it. The men and women (and kids, too) who get into this old school cool rockabilly look do it with gusto, so much so that it’s inspired clothing designers to fashion totally retro threads tailored precisely for those touting this trend.

More than just the threads is the attitude. And best exemplifying this are the lovely ladies of rat rodding. Embodying the true curvaceous look of the 40’s and 50’s pinup girl, these sultry ladies remind us why hot rodding has the rest of the car enthusiasts beat – they’ve got hot chicks. When was the last time you saw a smokin’ hot girl at the drags?

So, we figured, “Hey, it’s Friday, why not some old school rat rod girl eye candy?” Enjoy:

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